Interview with Adam Scott Glancy

Travis sat down for a Drunk Talk with Adam Scott Glancy of Delta Green fame. He took us on a journey through his process and what he draws inspiration from (Spoiler Alert: it’s not always whiskey).

Introductions – Who are you? What do you do? What are you working on?

Delta Green Kickstarter –


Why did you focus on the idea of bonds and relationships in the Delta Green game?

Modern Television extended narrative:

The Sopranos –

Boardwalk Empire –

Buffy –

Supernatural –

True Detective –   


What inspirations do you draw on when you design a game or write a story?


Cody Goodfellow –

David Wong –

Charle Stross –

Peter Hopkirk –

George McDonald Fraser –

Mark Mazzetti –

If you could have 1 pet idea in the game or setting that isn’t in there already what would it be?

Jeff Combos and Exile Studio’s Hollow Earth Expedition –

David Drake “Than Curse the Darkness” –

War of Canudos –

Laird Barrin, Goodfellow, Stross (deconstructs Robert E Howard style characters)

In honor of Halloween what is the spookiest (or spoopiest) story/game you’ve read/watched/played?

Exile –

Sticks –

The Thing on the Fourble Board –


    1. I am embarrassed, I should have understood Laird Barron and not Larry Barrin. I think I might have been thinking of Larry Bird? I don’t know. It was Friday!

      1. Don’t sweat it, interview was still excellent.

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