The Initiative Episode 1 – TOP MEN


The Initiative: the codename for the American government’s daring, highly trained special mission force. It’s purpose, to defend human freedom against any terrorist threats. When a vital oil rig is seized and its crew held hostage, the heroes must swing in to save the day!

Side Chatter


  • Nate –  Snow “Frostbite” Higgins. Eccentric genius with a skin condition and a love for the cold.  Also she robbed banks a couple times.
  • Zach – Remilia “Remi” Vaerbond. An incredibly strong and muscular woman trained in the art of swordsmanship.  Convicted on the murder of a mid-time crimelord and conspiracy.
  • James  – Doug “Kingdom Come” Charney. A man set on a divine mission to punish the wicked.  Protected by his faith and a pair of silver-baller pistols.
  • Travis – Isaac Marie ‘Izzi’ Gaylord. Foul-mouthed con man and mastermind, eventually caught for tax evasion and sent on suicide with the rest of these guys for some reason.


  1. This description is the best ever, because it feels like what the Initiative uses in official government forms. It is totally the opposite of the absolute shit-show that is the real Initiative. Just look at their TOP MEN (and women)! If this the the bes the government has we are doomed. But at least it will be a fun trip before the end.

  2. well, by first impressions, more interesting than the other supers games. the overall lack of shits given makes it feel a lot lighter, even when gunning down terrorists (even if they’re using Nordic magic). not as bitterly realistic and believable as the rest, and but do you go to podcasts about superheroes for that?

    1. “bitterly realistic” is not a term that’s going to keep applying to this universe for long, let me tell you

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