Base Raiders – Taskforce: Darknet (Part 1)


A rag tag group of Base Raiders are tipped off to a super powered drug dealer operating in the area. All challenges aside; these people need to put bread in their jar. It’s time to get paid.

Side Chatter / Postgame Discussion


  • Nate – Business Mantis.  Man-sized mantis created by a pre-ragnarok super scientist and former accountant to an international thief.  50% Business, 50% Mantis, 100% Payday.
  • Max – Brittney McCalvin (Vajra).  College dropout who, in desperation to stay afloat, spent years hunting down and eventually eating an ancient Lightning God.
  • Axe – Mór Ó Céirín (“Moira Kearns”).  A punk rock banshee summoned to this dimension as part of a metal show with no way to return home.
  • Kevin – Aaron Abrams (Blueline). Police academy reject who decided to take the law into his own hands and enrolled in a secret attention altering drug program.

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