Tales from the Wood – The Fantastic Gnome Voyage


Today we explore the mysteries of the Wilds! Join a Hedgehog, Bat, Mantis, and Gnome as they make a magic journey to find themselves, booze, and love nature all the way.

Side Chatter


  • Sam – Harry the Hedgehog
  • Max – Barkley the Bat
  • Nate – Sunseeker the Mantis
  • Kevin – Hobnail the Gnome.


  1. This is amazing.
    Sam, Max, Nate, and Kevin together. This is amazing, it just works so well.
    So both Sam’s cannot whistle. Did not expect that.
    Also animals being adorable animals well a crusty Gnome is crusty. It is freaking adorable, ah good times it brings a warm feeling to my heart. And in general happy ideas and memories.
    So Oakfellow just has a jar of mustard with a spoon in it. That does not sound all that strange mind you it all depends.
    This, this was the most amazing game, and no one was drunk everyone was sober somehow

  2. To be honest, the tag should be “Most of us aren’t drunk.”

    1. Author

      I was unaware of this drunkenness. I am always aware of the ugliness

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