The Drunk and the MiNewsies – Mrs Frieda’s Q&A Stream!

Hello internet!

This Saturday (5/17/2014) starting at 7:00 pm EDT (GMT-4:00), we will be doing our Postmortem / Q&A for Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Live on Youtube!  In addition to the site, we will announce this through our Twitter and through our Forums.  Comment below with any particular questions you have regarding Mrs Frieda’s or the podcast as a whole, as well as other considerations such as places to announce the stream.

For anyone who cannot make the stream, it will be recorded and rereleased on the site at a later date.

Additionally:  Sordid Dystopia is closer and closer to publication like you wouldn’t even believe.  We have a ccuple final art assets we are waiting on, but layouts and editing are almost done.


  1. may or may not make the chat, so figured I’d throw it in here.
    exactly what were Dr Greenwell and Elder Dane? I don’t THINK they ever got a full reveal, just lots of little clues

  2. Well, I just found out I won’t be able to make tonight, so I figure I should ask my questions here.
    1. How does Manny’s first meeting with his mother go down?
    2. The Scodyssey kids each owe the Devil a favour. When does he collect, and what does he ask of them?
    3. Do Eld and Kageko manage to get around the whole monsters leave when you’re no longer a child thing?
    4. What does Manny do when his features become too monstrous to go out in public? Does he just preform some more extensive self mutilations to blend in?
    5. Not really a question, but El Vacio Alma. What’s his deal?
    6. Does Nele ever find Nell?
    7. Does Condor using himself up to save George affect Julie’s powers in any way?
    8. What was up with that Irish kid? I think his name was Brendon? He was in the Grin and Bear it vignettes.
    9. Does Odyn ever recover from the events of The Fall of House Odyn?

  3. Good gosh it has been literal years since I last commented! Looks like I missed the whole of Mrs. Frieda’s as it was happening, but I’m glad I can hear the recordings. It’s good to be a listener again!

    1. Author

      Glad you’re back! Hope you keep enjoying the show.

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