Mrs Friedas 83 – Scott’s Odyssey Part 13 – The Suitors (Part 2)


It turns out that Ithaca, Alaska, is riddled with danger and secrets. There is a brooding presence hulking off the coast of the city.

Meanwhile, the group has split up to investigate Scott’s family history and the town itself while Scott delves deeper into the magical abilities he has discovered.

Side Chatter



  1. ^.^ I’ve been playing catch-up with this campaign, and I’ve been in love with it!
    Keep up the good work, Campman. =3

  2. Quick quibble: sucking venom out of a wound is not an effective treatment, even against mundane threats. You’re putting the human mouth, which is host to thousands upon thousands of bacteria (not sure how similar Kageko’s mouth is to a human’s, but given her diet, it’s probably not much better), up against an open wound; that’s practically asking for infection. You’re also attempting to suck blood out of a wound, which is bad for obvious reasons that you’ve already covered, and you’re almost certainly not going to succeed in getting the venom out; the whole idea of injecting venom into a creature’s blood stream is that it’ll travel very quickly around the body. The only way to be able to get enough of it out to make a difference would be via exsanguination, which would be a bad idea for obvious reasons.

    Some sources–including, unfortunately, How Stuff Works–statethat suction devices found in First Aid kits can be effective at removing venom, and they are, admittedly, better at sucking things out than the average human (probably not than the average monster), but the same problems still apply–you’re not going to get enough of the venom out of their bloodstream without causing an entirely new, set of problems for your patient. It’s just. Really not a good idea to do what Eld and Kageko did here. Not even in an emergency.

    Also, people can’t live in shadows, or move faster than light, or regenerate wounds as quickly as Manny and Scott do, or–*Shot to death by a flock of flying federal agents*

    Okay, I’m done with my Science Whining; sorry about that. I’ll go back to enjoying the rest of the show, now.

    1. Author

      Yeah, I learned in scouts that the suck and spit method is probably about the worst thing to do. I had forgotten precisely why beyond the fact that it starts with cutting the injection site open bigger and making it bleed worse.

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