Mrs Frieda’s 76: Scott’s Odyssey Part 6 – Circe (Part 3)


The wayward travelers found themselves whisked off to the Closetland. This is hell, pure and simple. Monstrous things abound, each of them with utterly alien intentions, and every step brings more and more torment.

Can our heroes survive the grim reaches of the Closetland?



  1. The controversy aside in this session, It made for a very gripping, nigh horror scenario. Practically a little fears game (unsurprising). The Voice was a very creepy and cool presence among many.

  2. This remains one of my favorite sessions.

  3. “It’s like I’m lookin’ in the mirror at someone else. Stole my best friend’s girl, now I’m going to Hell. Howling at the moon — no I’m not myself, and I can’t believe it!”

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