Call of Cthulhu – Puppet Shows and Shadow Plays


Last month, people began disappearing near the southern edge of the San Carlos Indian Reservation, west of Phoenix, Arizona. As the Arizona highway patrol and the Apache tribal police began to investigate, they noticed more disappearances connected to that area. Tourists and locals have vanished along State Road 70 along with an Apache sheep rancher, Victorio Begay, and his wife and kids – plucked seemingly right from their beds.

The national press has already picked up the story, dubbing the stretch of road “The Devil’s Highway.”

FBI Special agents Erin Honeycutt and Barnabus Keene  have been brought in to head the investigation – using the pretext that since there were no bodies, the disappearances are kidnappings and not murders. But State Road 70 hides a dark secret, one that will kill to protect itself.


  • Matt – Erin Honeycutt.  FBI Special Agent and Forensic Investigator.  Professional, analytic, and full of grim humor
  • Josh – Barnabus Keene.  Fresh out of college and recently enstated to the rank of Special Agent.


  1. Loved that session, now the question remains: Have the Coyote Cops ridden again since?
    And if so, I feel that Erin should cart around a small voice recorder to chronicle her daily routine within the investigations.

    1. Author

      There is one more Koyote Kopz (TM). We’ve not really had opportunities for another.

  2. Well run and well played. That last combat was pure awesome… can’t wait to hear more!

    1. Author

      Thanks for listening! We have more Call of Cthulu ahead!

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