Mrs Frieda’s 74: Scott’s Odyssey Part 4 – Circe


The kids made their deals with the Shopkeeper, in order to save a great many people. A blinding person, full of color, was spotted in Persistencia.

The bus ride continues. Scott is charging North, across America. Alaska awaits. But another challenge lies ahead of him, one that he (and his companions) might not survive.



  1. I feel like I’m missing a Little Fears game here? Was Eddy’s adventures in Thebes ever done as an actual game with Grim and crew?

    1. I believe if I remember correctly that their is another season or two of Little Fears.

      The group started with Road Trip and Freida’s. And when low on people etc. did other things(Short campaigns, one shots, and other minor things), they did the first season with Grim and crew around the end of season 2(or part way into season 3) of Freida’s

      Wild Talents was started on one of the most recent DnU cons
      The Eclipse Phase is also relevantly recent.
      DnU game a lot. Once a week minimum based on schedules, time frames, and talking too them

    2. Author

      Eddie was never in Little Fears. He’s just super chill and well travelled.

  2. Have I mentioned how much I love Manny? Because I love him so very much.

  3. Manny avoiding the subject of Caleb around Eddie was freaking adorable.

  4. Wait a minute. If Eddie is a robot, and Caleb is Manny’s boyfriend… Then that makes Manny a gay robot.

    With that RvB reference I say farewell.

    1. If we’re going full RvB analogy Manny would be more of a Tucker. Nele would be Caboose.

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