Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Episode 1


Mars: 10 years after the Fall. A Firewall sentinel has gone missing two weeks into an undercover mission.

Two weeks is not necessarily a red flag for the scanners and vectors until secret Firewall caches across Mars started being very carefully, cautiously, and skillfully raided.

PROX-E KING has been informed and taps several new, untested agents to track down the missing and presumed dead sentinel, reacquire their cortical stack, and stop the OpSec leak.

But Mars runs thick with blood and betrayal. The sentinel team is setting off on a path whose twists and turns they cannot begin to imagine. Mars will show them fear in a handful of dust.

Side Chatter


  • James – TOM (The Optimal Man). An AI programmed in a lunar laboratory, designed to be able to crack any digital protection and retrieve any data (as well as be the best psychotherapist in the known ‘verse). His accent algorithms are slowly degrading.
  • Travis – John Clastion.  Survivor of the Fall, he runs a delivery service on Mars, preferring to use his feet instead of mundane transport. He also knows all about the drugs of the transhuman future and the criminals and cartels that supply them.
  • Kevin – Griswold Stuart. A fork of a former hyperelite from Earth. Griswold Stuart is a 23rd century man, born in a 21st century man’s body, living in an AF10 world.  Reformed by the secretive Firewall organization, he did his best to adapt to his new world and his new place in it.  Formerly a programmer, business executive, and playboy, he is no longer sure of his own memories, much less his identity.
  • Josh – Sam Franklin.  Originally a police officer with a wife, house, and the American Dream.  Left the force when he realized how corrupt it was and signed up with Direct Action.  After a long service that cost him his body and some of his memories, he works freelance for anyone who can pay, looking for his wife and his missing time.
  • Matt – Noah Lucas.  A kangaroo uplift egohunter and x-caster who escaped from Earth during the fall.  Now works towards making sure no uplifts are abused or exploited in the same way he was before the end of the world worked in his favor.


  1. This was something I saw on the EP forums a little while back, that the devs did not intend for Enhanced Respiration to mean you can go just breathing Martian air unaided.

    Unless you’re in the one of the very low areas, or like right next to a terraforming station, there still isn’t just enough O2 to physically breathe. Enhanced Respiration just allows the transhuman lungs to function in an area from .2 atm to 6 atm. You’d still want a rebreather or one of those air masks from Sunward. And a coat, Mars is still fucking cold. You don’t want to go outside a pressure dome without one, or Temperature tolerance. Judging from how the Martian Alpiner is configured, you’d probably want to bump that to Improved Cold and Low Pressure Tolerance if you’re up in the Highlands or near the poles.

    And now we have the Know Evil issue, where ~10 of sessions will be posted before the game is concurrent with the information, and you won’t even be on Mars anymore.

    1. Author

      13 sessions, actually. Worry not, though. We never go out without suits after this session.

  2. like what it has. definitely an exploratory game, feeling out rules and characters, but can tell it’s got some weight to it. will follow with great vigor!

  3. I liked this session a lot, but there was A LOT of lingo in this episode that I didn’t understand. I got a Ghost in Shell feeling from the Morphs, a Soma feeling from the fork thing, and I knew what uplifting was from some scifi novels. For everything else though, I was wondering if there was some material that should be read, a book, or wiki, or something. But besides that, I like the theme for this game, and how everyone is so into it.

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