Supernaturals Session 2 – “I Hate This Town”


The supernaturally charged wanderers have found themselves in the middle of a town that wants them dead. Even worse, a group of Zekist Paladins are on the trail of the wanderers. These bloodthirsty inquisitors will stop at nothing to strike down those they see as heretics and monsters.

Can this strange group of misfits work together to survive? Or will they be swept into the dust of history?


  • Matt – Cian Mackay.  A surly outlander with a bum leg, grating voice, and half a mind a to start a fire.
  • Zach – Zieg Kaiser.  A bit crazy and hot-headed, but overall a calm and collected customer.  Much like the tides, he can flow gently with you or turn and crash down and destroy you.
  • Nate – Aria Illiasmora.  A deafened girl whose voice and musical prowess can soothe the most savage beast.
  • Hannah – Theophilus Carter. An incredibly tall redheaded man with an incredible knack for tinkering.


  1. One of my friends actually has a character that is a bardbarian. At first level, he was a better tank than the party fighter. But together they became the reason for one of the best running gags we ever came up with — Improvised Weapon: Bear.

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