Supernaturals Session 1 – The Fallen


The trade caravans that cross the known nations are a haven for the lost, the dispossessed, and the freaks. For four outlanders, the caravans are the closest thing to home they have.

But the hard life of a traveler is not in the cards for these outlanders. They are touched by destiny, granted power beyond that of mortal men. How will they shape their lives with this power? Will it be used to build? Or rend the world asunder?


  • Matt – Cian Mackay.  A surly outlander with a bum leg and half a mind a to start a fire
  • Zach – Zieg Kaiser.  A bit crazy and hot-headed, but overall a calm and collected customer.  Much like the tides, he can flow gently with you or turn and crash down and destroy you.
  • Nate – Aria Illiasmora.  A deafened girl whose voice and musical prowess can soothe the most savage beast.
  • Hannah – Theophilus Carter. An incredibly tall redheaded man with an incredible knack for tinkering.

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  1. This was the first recording I’ve listened to by you guys, I really enjoyed this : )

    I’ve never played anything but vanilla D&D, but this seemed like a lot of fun.

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