Prominence, SC Session 16 – Spirits of Prominence (Part 2)


Lacey Clarke is a prisoner of some very bad people. She’s been taken off of the street and finds herself locked up. With no idea of when her friends — or help of any kind — will arrive, she’s left with her own wits and street tough badassery to see her through.

Meanwhile, the Heroes of Prominence are hot on her trail. Can they find her before all hell breaks loose?


  • Matt – The Wraith.   Got his Masters in Electrical Engineering with a minor in acoustic design.  10 years back, shortly after beginning employment, his father was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease.  He got himself checked out and found out that he’s also positive for Hereditary Huntington’s.  With nothing to live for and nothing to lose, he decided to take down the mob before he died. That was great until he messed up.  Bad.  Now, he is a man with no name.  He works odd jobs under strange names and heads around town leaving notes, making sure that everyone knows they’re not alone in this city.
  • Manda – Lacey Clark (The Ghost). Seemingly apathetic, though very bright and goal oriented. Lacey gets bored with life extremely fast, looking for thrills to make life worth living. She entered the hero game after hearing stories on her mother’s news reports.  Agile and good with a gun, terrifying to lay your eyes on in a dark alleyway.
  • Nate – Aaliyah Rhodes (The Witch). Broken, socially cautious, and relaxed. Aaliyah is a Heinz 57 of social disorders. Her inability to feel bad about justified murder could label her a sociopath.  Upon the resurgence of masks in Prominence, Aaliyah, known by Walker’s men as “The Witch,” fashioned a suit and mask for herself, and used any excuse available to meet these masks — people she instantly idolized.  With her former boss no longer in power.
  • Sam – Mark Getman, (Clockwork). A tall man in a black coat and tails, topped with a black top hat. His chest is covered in a leather vest strewn with gears and cogs and brass filligrees, with a mask to match and a walking cane in hand. He is as absurd as he is mysterious, an enigma wrapped in an exploding mystery.
  • Zach – Arraveous “Rave” Varren (Opera). A thrillseeking vigilante in a cheap suit and comedy mask.  He works the south side of the city and enjoys beating up gang members.  Despite having quite a mouth he prefers to stay out of the public eye.
  • Charlie – Bridgette Winrow (MIA). A former air force pilot whose career put left her with a robotic limb and a troubled past.


  1. What is the deal with Rave and Keiko? Is she/he schizophrenic or got this weird body swap thing going on? (apologies on her name’s spelling if it’s wrong) Have we in fact seen them in the same room together? Interacting with one another? (admittedly that would be Zach simply talking to himself)

    Or am I just totally over thinking Zach’s character/s?

    1. See a person can have multiple personalities existing in their head. Depending on the case a person does not need be aware of the secondary personalities.
      So it is possible you could have 3 different minds running around unaware of each other. Or aware in such a way that they never truly interact.
      Once a Grapple is initiated the person who controls it gets +1 die. Well being strangled you take a -1 die to do things, and automatically take 1 shock too the head every round, with a garrote or other similar choking weapons this is killing damage
      Also everyone cuts Charlie off his character never gets to make any comebacks

      Great game guys and can’t wait too hear the Eclipse Phase game

      1. Author

        You only do damage to head if you’re strangling your opponent, which you can do after a pin or with a called shot to the head.

        Anyway glad you enjoyed it.

        1. This is true, did Manda for her first attack not make a called shot at the head? I can honestly say I could not tell which is why I was pointing it out.
          I do liked what happened to Charlies character is had comedy tones too it but the poor guy.

          Also is the setting going to get more and more weird and Modern aged? Or is it going too tone back towards Iron age of comics?
          Also Eclipse Phase?

    2. We have, kind of, “seen” them in the same room together. At the end of Opera’s solo, it was mentioned that they were watching the news report on Rose Brixby together. This does imply that they live together.
      The thing is, Keiko is the college student that Lacey has befriended. However, when Lacey, Witch, and Wraith first encountered Rave at that bar, before they knew he was Opera (although that was when Ghost recognized him), Lacey didn’t recognize her college friend, revealing that they are two separate people.
      Also, as a point of interest, Rave has sometimes been referred to, by both Julius and Keiko, as Keita, not Rave or Arraveous, implying that Keita is Rave’s given name. It was also mentioned, kind of off-handedly, in the final episode of the Through a Glass Darkly arc, that after Rave had been slashed across the chest not enough to do damage, but enough to cut the clothing, that a couple of the other vigilantes noticed that Rave had a slightly larger chest area. I read this as meaning that Rave is, biologically speaking, a woman (or at the very least has breasts), and that he wears a binder a lot, implying that Rave is trans-male. This all compiles into my theory that Keiko and Keita are sisters, probably twins, going by the similarity of their names and Opera’s reaction in this episode when Clockwork asks if he has a twin, though not the identical kind — otherwise Lacey might have mistaken Rave for Keiko with a different haircut during the aforementioned bar scene.
      In conclusion, Rave is a kickass superhero who lives with Keiko and is super badass.

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