Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 56 – The Reaper Cometh


George and Caleb have been propositioned for a deal with Zero, an emissary of El Vasio Alma – The Nothing Soul. Whoever he is, and whoever it is he exactly works for, they have astounding power. An enormous sinkhole which leads to a strange supernatural maze in Washington State was uncovered, simply to prove a point.

Zero is sending an agent – someone named The Reaper – to Troy, as a measure of support in good faith. Who is this mysterious Reaper, and what secrets does he hold?

Side chatter



  1. I really want to see The Reaper’s character sheet. That’d be awesome.
    Also, Tim always talks about how weird he thinks the halfway home kids’ lives are, but the comment about the mannequin with his face on it really made me realize that HIS life is probably really strange too.

    1. Author

      I’ll try to Wiki it later. I’ve been meaning to do that for months now.

  2. I like how they’re finally dealing with this issue, but aren’t they overestimating Hack? He didn’t seem to be that strong.

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