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It’s time to take to the skies!  Christopher O’Brien, Tony Redhorn, and Eld Tsukimono (along with their rambunctious friends) are winging their way to fun and games at Sucrose Park.

This isn’t your father’s airline, though. Can the friends survive horrors at 30,000 feet?

Side Chatter


  • Charlie – Christopher O’Brien.  A major actor, lover of theater and also Westerns.
    • Sam – Billy Spearshaker.  Chris’s monster.  William Shakespeare, made out of crumpled up pages of his works, dressed in a cowboy outfit.
  • Hannah – Anthony Redhorn.  Shy and quiet, and prone to latching onto and elevating acquaintances to higher levels of trust and friendship than he should for the sake of being able to say he has a friend. His social skills are very much lacking and he has an awkward sense of humor.
    • Matt – Redhorn.  Anthony’s Monster.  Redhorn has been handed down and has found its way back to his family line since god knows when. He feels proud about it, and doesn’t really think of Redhorn as a monster, but as the actual Redhorn figure from mythology. He occasionally feels some guilt about being Redhorn’s host because he is not very knowledgeable about his heritage otherwise.
  • Zach – Eldridge Tsukimono.  An unassuming, responsible, and serious kid.  Shy around girls, but keeps around a very feisty one at all times.
    • Nate – Kageko.  Eld’s Monster.  Very subservient and . . . uncomfortably maid-like. Kageko actively attempts to act upon what she thinks Eld wants at the time, until he wonders what the hell she’s doing, then she’s very confused. Also she doesn’t like to wear clothes.


  1. Oh Eld, Kageko AND Billy Spearshaker? The only thing that would have been better would have been to Void the Daemon dog. But I doubt bear dogs are allowed on planes.

    1. Author

      Forget Void. I doubt even Francis Marble would be allowed on a plane.

  2. Do I even want to know about this Francis Marble character?

    1. Author

      He’s a player character from Night of the Gaming Does. No one can be told what Francis Marble is. You just have to experience him for yourself.

      1. I think I’ll take that as a “yes”. Thanks for giving me a link, I’ll give it a listen, and probably comment on the podcast you gave me a link to.

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