Prominence, SC Session 4 – Prominence Free


Prominence is besieged. The Wraith and Ghost teamed up to take down one of Irish’s top lieutenants, and recovered critical information about the personal history of their foe.

The final pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. The mob is preparing for its final blow against the masked vigilantes. The Olympian’s quest for vengeance is drawing to a head. The revolution that Wraith promised is coming.

The cracks are widening. No matter how it comes out, Prominence will not be the same.

Side Chatter


  • Sam – Clarence Young (The Olympian).  Primed to be one of the most-winning medalists of the 2008 Bejing Olympics. His body was in peak physical condition, his mind was ready: but his entire career was about to come crashing down. A victim of Mob scheming and violence, his family was hurt, and he went out for vengeance.
  • Matt – The Wraith.   Got his Masters in Electrical Engineering with a minor in acoustic design.  10 years back, shortly after beginning employment, his father was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease.  He got himself checked out and found out that he’s also positive for Hereditary Huntington’s.  With nothing to live for and nothing to lose, he decided to take down the mob before he died.
  • Manda – The Ghost. A quiet mask with unknown intentions.  Agile and good with a gun, terrifying to lay your eyes on in a dark alleyway.


  1. Those were some holy shit tier brass knucks, gotta say. I mean, that dude did damage on the level of bullets and laser beams and hand grenades.

    1. Author

      Yeah. Hudson had only two things: Hyperbody and Hyper Endurance.

      Also Nate and I were rolling insanely wide.

  2. The way those cassettes recordings were set up and went down, I got this creepy cool vibe that reminded me of the cinematic intros to the characters of “Twisted Metal Black”.
    (PS. Holy shit that was some awesomeness Nate! were those cassette sounds an actual cassette player playing the recording or sound effects you add to the prerecording? either way, cool immersion bit.)

    1. Author

      That’d be Matt’s super excellent sound recording. [-Sam]

    2. Author

      I took a stock sound effect of somebody pressing a button on a tape deck and a little brown noise in the background of each tape.

  3. Gotta say out of all the characters Matt seems the most superhero-y, The Olympian did it all for revenge, The Ghost did it for some kicks it seemed, and The Which just seems to be screwed up in the head. The Wraith protected the innocent and gave them all hope were they had none and didn’t expect any thing in return, that’s a hero. Also that was a long day for them, they went from stopping a bank heist to storming the big bad hideout all in, what, an hour, now that’s bad ass, and it was mostly all The Wraith and The Olympian work there. They started it and they ended it. AND Dammit Sam!! We still don’t know exactly why your family was killed! I want to Know! oh! By the way. Loved this!

    1. Author

      Wraith lives to defend Prominence. It’s all he’s got now.

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