Monsters and Other Childish Things – The Devil’s Bazaar


It’s May, 1997 in a suburb of New Orleans. Three young friends have just gotten their weekly allowance, and they’re looking for ways to spend it. Danny’s father has just put the finishing touches on a new tree-clubhouse: summer is beginning, and it looks bright as can be.

That is, until Danny’s younger brother runs away from home. Danny, Felix, and Alpha race out into the wilderness to find him, and are plunged into an adventure they will never forget.


  • Nate – Felix Hamilton. Top-tier playground bully that picks on kids more fortunate than him. He’s tall for his age, the “kick-ball player that all the girls like” type of kid.
  • Matt – Alpha Torres.  She’s a very friendly and open girl.  She’s also on the soccer team.  Her parents are gone now, so she lives with her grandma.  She’s always wanted a pet, but she doesn’t really have a lot of money and her grandma can’t afford the potential expenses of a dog or cat.  Eventually, Alpha saved a bit and convinced her to let her get a tropical fish.  This made Alpha the happiest girl.
  • Sam – Danny Wolfe. A not amazingly bright kid, Danny Wolfe is just all about the army. He loves war movies and toy guns. He and Commando Joe will romp through the woods with toy guns, shooting “bad guys” and “terrorists” with equal abandon. He’s seen all of the Rambos. All of them.


  1. AWESOME! This game was fantastic. I hope we get to hear more adventures in this setting.

    Also, the part with the glitter makes me wish these games were recorded on video.

  2. I really hope if you make any more Devil’s Bazaar games, the glitter tossing becomes a running theme.

  3. Ha ha, that was fun. Short and sweet. Fun as the bazaar was, I think the playing in the beginning was the best part. Commando Joe is awesome. (Also trouser snake.)

  4. It was very reminiscent to the Troll Market sequences in Hellboy 2, and I love that about this game, has the same whimsically fantastical dark theme. Like Sam said: Neil Gaiman but a lot sillier, and that is awesome. Very enjoyable to listen to.

  5. I hope we hear more about the Devil’s Bazaar in the future from other charecters in the world, because honestly, The Good Doctor has definetly been there, and many others.

  6. I’m going on an archive binge and I CAN’T believe I haven’t heard this one before. I loved it so much. Goooood job

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