Justice For All Session 3 – Friends and Foes

The journey into the wilderness was successful, if a bit terrifying. Christian discovered some interesting texts that point him further down the road to the true history of the Umbra. Uszhi, that night had an…encounter that was quickly solved.

The Umbra want answers. One of their own was nearly murdered by one of the exiles, and they want answers. Unfortunately, the things they seek lie in the dead city of Vaden.


  • Charlie – Roland. An apprentice of Niklas and student of Christian.  Lives in LeJeune’s Home, but it looking to move out.
  • James – Edouard  Fasson. Doctor, cook, etc. Decided to stay on this island following a shipwreck and encounter with the natives.
  • Mandaz – Uszhi. Vicious yet disciplined apprentice to Niklas. Her actions hurt more than her words.
  • Matt – Mesik.  Fisherman’s son with the troubled past.  Lives in LeJeune’s Home for Displaced Umbra.
  • Sam – Niklas. Resident Umbra badass. Hunter and master to Uszhi.
  • Zach – Marshall Yaeger. Scout and marksman. Decided to stay on this island following a shipwreck and encounter with the natives.


  1. And now I vanish from the campaign.

    1. But… But, Yaeger! Infinite frowny face.

  2. I’m backlogged on the APs cause I can’t listen to them when I’m on campus. (I can’t get your website to pull up but I can get the RPPR AP website. Might have something to do with the Alcohol reference in the web address.)

    Anyway (minor scenario spoilers):
    Amanda acted the shit out of this scenario. She did really good being the hard-nosed warrior-in-training who is super distrustful of the Elski. – MVP vote
    Charlie seemed to be running the plot train. I’m interested to see what Roland does in the final scenarios as he seems to becoming very obsessive and crazed trying to convince people (himself?) Umbra aren’t monsters anymore.
    Matt… well Matt just acted adorable. I can’t really say much more than that. Mesik really helps lighten the kinda tense mood of the scenario with his goofy and childish actions.
    Sam’s horn-dogging to Rien as Niklas is a welcome relief to how much of a hard-ass his character acts and the general seriousness of the scenario, Keep it up.

    Back to engineering…

  3. I don’t get it, two things in this scenario don’t quite gel with me.

    First, I though t that the big appeal to the players and shipmates of the first campaign to settle in this land was the universally welcoming of the Umbra to them. As long as you worked with and helped the Umbra, then you were part of their village and were treated as such.
    Why then, does this character Uhji have such a racial hatred to the non Umbra, especially after all this time that mostly many good things came from the working together.

    Secondly, why did the two professors, two learned intellectuals, disclose the secret to the first two kids they saw. It would have made more sense to quietly inform any of the elders they know of, trusted capacities with experience and wisdom under their belt. It seems like it was just done because of the PC halo’s.

    Both of these things feel like retconning to force the plot and really jar me out of immersion.

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