Deadlands – The Crucible (Part 2)

Last session, all hell broke loose – the train derailed, the mother-lode of all dynamite charges went off, and hell literally broke loose when a demon came a’ rampaging.

Antares wakes up screaming in the clinic. Alexis wakes to have her burns and injuries treated by a man wearing a full preacher’s outfit. He turns out to be the local doctor. Luckily enough, Ant Blackwell blocked the blast, sparing her the brunt of pain.

They wake to find that mere minutes have passed since the “accident”. The preacher, working his prayer magic, fully heals Alexis and Ant.

This is only the first thing to be discovered about the U.S. Army Fort — the journey is far from over.


  • Kevin – Ford Connor.  A yellow journalist to end all Yellow Journalism.  Claims to hail from new york and write for theTombstone Weekly.
  • Zach – Antares “Ant” Blackwell. A mechanic on the floating city of Daedalus’ Folly.  Oft finds himself chasing after Alexis.
  • Nate – Alexis Gray.  A short sword-armed teenager who also lives on Daedalus’ Folly.  Enjoys hang-gliding into structures.
  • Matt – Sheriff Eric Alvarez.  The sheriff of a small town in the Mormon country of Deseret.  Dreams of his own death most nights and has a creeping feeling of something around him.


  1. Here is a comment, because when I see this session, the only thing on the page with no comments, I die a little inside

    1. Author

      Awh James 🙁

    2. Sorry, I am still trying to wrap my head around anyone treating hardtack as something remotely palatable. It makes commenting difficult.

      1. This Deadlands party is full of liars, demons and Ant. Anyone who claims hardtack in this system is edible is either lying or their stomach doesn’t work.

        1. Nothing about Alexis works, let alone her stomach.

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