Ship Of Fools Session 6 – The Dark Side of the World

Hours after the insane captain Bryce Touglas caused the Duquetimme to be destroyed in a terrible storm, the crew comes to.  The storm still rages, supplies are missing, and numerous crewmen are injured or nowhere in sight.  Marshall Yaeger finds a strong forest canopy to spend the night under.

The crew looks out the next morning to see supplies and portions of the Duquetimme which have washed ashore.  Imperative is placed on recovering everything from the ruined ship and trying to complete the mission.  They must still establish a trade hub and be ready to deal with the possible landing of the Mikado Star should they have survived the storm.

They were in for a 3 month tour, but now they find themselves in for the long haul on this uncharted desert isle.  They must find a way to make do and finish their mission, but it will be an uphill battle.  They must make the best of what they have.


  • James – Edouard Fasson. Doctor, cook, etc.
  • Alex – Louis Jalbert. Part-time merchant and full-time scumbag.
  • Zach – Marshall Yaeger, late twenties. Scout and marksman.
  • Matt – Leon Donnelly. Midshipman, navigator, shipwright, and jack of all trades.
  • Charlie – Christian Kavan. Cook and gentleman adventurer. Has the approximate size, shape, and mustache of a walrus.
  • Kevin – Carey Ignacious, the dreamy first mate.


  1. I feel like I should make a note about Sordid Dystopia as of this session. I tried to keep any sort of “forum references” to a minimum during this campaign, as while the game setting is heavily inspired by a roleplay forum I’ve run for a very long time, it’s completely separate from said forum, if not completely reinvented. The game is written to be stand alone; greater knowledge of the ideas that inspired the game aren’t remotely necessary, as the world, cultures, peoples, and etc are described as needed in the book. In fact, given the amount of things that have been completely rewritten, some older players from the forum have remarked about historical references being radically different in the game, to which my response was, “what I’ve put in the game was a much better reimagining.” And in those cases, I assure you, they very much are.

    Nevertheless, there’s a lot of forum talk in this game, and that’s only because there are a few players in this campaign that also roleplayed on the forum, and they consequently saw where some of the material was based on. I just felt the divide needed to be pointed out. The roleplay forum is isolated to its message board alone, and the roleplaying game is a completely different thing.

  2. So this was the first Ship of Fools session I got to listen to live (My voice makes a cameo appearance around the time Kevin’s internet shits out on him! Listen!) And I gotta say it’s probably my favorite! I really fell in love with the characters here, despite not being around to hear the previous sessions. I think everyone really knew what they were going for in this session, and everyone plays a really great character!

    Louis’ parts might have been my favorites overall. Everything Alex says is either hilarious or frightening (Sometimes both? Maybe it’s the accent) But I know whenever he speaks something golden is going to come out.

    Christian kinda had my heart here too. If I figured the island was filled with possible cannibals I’d want to get the fuck out too! But he had a bit of humor in everything he said, which made him pretty likeable in an eccentric sort of way.

    Yaeger totally was my hero this game. You could tell he was in his element and kept his cool the whole time. Crash on an island? Yeah I’m going to find /real/ shelter thanks. Meet a shadow man with knife arms? Well hell that’s pretty cool.

    Leon had my heart for this game. Matt plays one hell of a half-dead man. I really felt for him, but was also pretty impressed that he tried to continue to help out despite possibly being the most injured (You know…except for the actual dead people)

    Carey struck me as a pretty excellent leader, again, keeping his cool after all the shit went down. Knowing how to improvise and handle situations with tact (which was something that the crew desperately needed). I’d follow him to hell and back

    Edouard, man. THAT SECRET. Hell, i remember first listening to the game, not even really knowing the hierarchy and going “PFFFFFT WHAT” It was excellent, and what an excellent time for it to come up too! (Okay maybe not the most excellent, I’m actually surprised more crewmen weren’t upset about being led astray, then again they were all pretty beaten up and most likely didn’t give two shits at that point) I really like Edouard’s character, mostly how he laughs in the face of danger (Then maybe invites danger to sit down and have a sandwich)

    Finally, and this might be a spoiler but i don’t care everyone needs to listen to this game for NIKLAS. The intro of my favorite umbra badass. My smile was twenty miles wide when I heard Sam clear his throat for the first time. He plays him so cool! I remember thinking “Goddamn I want to hear sooo much more about this character!” (And my wishes were granted. Oh yes)

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