Road Trip Session 18 – Le Persistencia de le Memoria

After dealing with Swamp Guardians, pocket dimensions, and crazy frogs, the kids are finally able to catch a break. Donny gasses up the van and the kids head away from the Florida Everglades on down to its many miles of coastline, hit up the boardwalk shops, and have some fun for the first time in this whole vacation.

Max and Talia enjoy the waves, Charlie spends his ill-gotten money, Daniel takes Everette to the local movie theater, and Doug gets some delicious ice cream on the boardwalk.

Surely nothing will go wrong today.



  1. When I re-listened to this, I became acutely aware of how vague and out there my descriptions are. They sound drugged out. Fitting, really.

  2. Wow, just… wow, that was a very weird and entertaining session to listen to. Also if you guys ever want a cool fantasy map made up of Persistentia or any of the in session locations, for any reason, let me know.
    I love drawing up those things.

    Also been hearing about the Sordid Dystopia book that you guys were kickstarting and was wondering how I might go about getting a copy, since the kickstater thing has passed?

    1. Author

      We’re currently working up the final product of the book, and as soon as it’s done we’ll have it available!

  3. What I would like to know is WHY Everett was the only one not affected by the ice cream?

    1. It’s because of who her father is.

      ——————————————-SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT ———————————————————–

      Her father is the King of Persistencia and also its creator. By MaOCT standards he’d probably be considered a monster himself at this point. He has enough creative energy to sustain Persistencia on his own. Everett isn’t as powerful as him, but she is immune to most mind altering substances because of her lineage. Basically when you share a bloodline with the creator of the most wild and fluctuating separate reality construct ever made, not much is going to phase you in terms of things that warp your grasp on reality.

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