Mrs Frieda’s Session 22 – Recovering the Satellites

After going into a fit of epileptic psychic backlash and nearly bringing Frieda’s crashing around down his ears, Ty wakes up in a hospital. It’s suspiciously quiet and empty as he makes his escape to return to the Halfway Home – it seems that Ty has someone watching over him.

Meanwhile, for the first time in a long time, the kids enjoy a morning where nothing in the house is breaking, or exploding, or being terrifying.

That is, until August gets a tip from his spider friends about the possible whereabouts of George. The manhunt will continue.

In Condor’s absence, Odyn has been putting plans into motion. He is calling in favors and carefully setting up his dominoes. And now he’s ready to push them over.


  1. More Mrs. Frieda’s!? You guys are making my month, as promised. 🙂 Good to see RJ back, Ty’s strange outlook on life was missed.

    1. Author

      Ty is always a welcome addition to a Frieda’s game. It’s too bad RJ works like 80 hours a week or something now. Ty shows up sporadically in future games, though. You needn’t fret.

      1. Ouch, sorry to hear about RJ’s work schedule. As a recent college graduate jumping headfirst into the working world, I can totally relate.

  2. Ty’s back huzzah!
    You are all Chaotic in alignment(And ranging from good to evil). You broke a deal marked effectively in blood how could you do something like that poor Odyn worked so hard and you guys abandoned him! He is such a innocent how could you be so cruel? Jokes aside
    Crack spider was, meh
    Great session as always and again more Pokemon!
    I love Frieda’s this campaign, lead me to when creating my own setting have the 1001’s be within it as a ancient fighting style. With the original master being 1001Souls(Hard to explain).

    1. You may say it’s hard to explain, but now I am exceptionally curious! Mille (1001 swords) and Odyn (1001 knives) are a reoccurring connection between Road Trip and Mrs. Frieda’s . . . that I came up with on the fly immediately prior to either campaign. Hell, I didn’t even have backstory (regarding their rivalry) until at least 10-15 sessions of both campaigns. I’m certainly glad they were inspiring, though!

      I’m pretty curious about what you have in mind, if you’ve no qualms indulging my narcissism a little. : )

      1. Are we ever going to see a confrontation between Odyn and Mille Nate? I’ve been wondering about it ever since that little factoid of information was introduced. Heck, I’d just love to see Daniel and Emma’s clash of personalities.

        1. If only I could play two characters simultaneously! That would certainly be worthwhile short story material, though. As far as Odyn and Mille goes–maybe! It’s distinctly possible. Though I created Odyn, I do not play him. Additionally, Sam took him in a direction I’d have never expected, so I have a feeling I couldn’t play him even if I tried.

          1. Write it up! Put it on the forum! That’ll be interesting!

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