Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 19 – A Pack of Wild Dogs

It’s a Thursday, and George smells terrible. He’s teamed up with Butch and crew to help fix the home (and secretly spy on Butch to find out exactly what he’s up to.) Unfortunately this means he’s been doing a lot of manual labor.

Scott, rattled by his encounter at night with Butch and some strange hoodlums, has been keeping tabs on the young Mafioso.  Because Butch is indeed up to something, and our paranoid protagonists are going to find out what it is.

What they find will change the fate of Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home forever.



  1. Very exciting this one. It seemed that Butch took almost more of an effort to subdue then the MIB guys. In fact I could definatly see Butch as one of those in a few years as they follow kind of the same principles. Do what they have to to keep people safe from a vague threat. The scene at the doctor´s office was also interesting and I am sure it will come up again in some way or another.

    1. Author

      In all honesty, the Butch fight was harder because George was the only one trying to kill him. In the MIB fight, both Manny and Odyn were going no holds barred against the agents, and only 2 of them had anti-monster weapons. In this fight, Manny and Scott were both trying to stop George from killing Butch and vice versa.

      And yes, Dr Marcus will return in later episodes. We still have a bunch more kids that will eventually need to see a doctor.

  2. Ok I love you guys. I have listened to your podcast back when you had released session5, 6 or 7 of Frieda’s. Also first time commenting here we may not comment but we listen guys oh we listen.
    Ironically I accidentally started to listen to session 7 got 10minutes in stopped it because I was not enjoying it like Road Trip.
    Later on I was bored and took a gander with session 1. Loved it and when I got to 7 I realized why everything was the way it was etc.

    George is a asshole. Personally I think Butch was in the right to finish him off. He’s dangerous, destructive to his friends & others, damages others happiness for his own self fulfillment, and is deluded saying he won’t intervene when he obviously will. George has no logical thought goes for violence and fire as his main defense, there is no thought process for George about Scott’s chances of getting another girl with his unique condition. He’s slowly becoming a sociopath and other mental problems.
    Sam you play a great Character I wish my players could give me this type of narrative without forcing them with cattle prods.

    Yeah you guys are the type of people I would like to play with more often. I can’t play deep narrative games like this with my players they need at least 1-2combats a session. And the Pathfinder guys I play with? Yeah better like Pathfinder and nothing else and you better play your alignment.
    Oh before I go. More POKEMON! It is the first thing I listened to and I believe I startled people when I started laughing.
    Also have you heard of the other really well done version of a Pokemon Rpg? The one with fan artwork a class system etc?
    If not here’s a link. I think its still good.

  3. First things first, I just recently started listening to you guys (after hearing about you from the MaOTC episode of RPPR), and I have to admit that, of the eight or so roleplaying campaigns I have listened to, Mrs. Frieda’s has got to be my favorite. Maybe its because the drama focuses on the characters instead of big picture, so everything seems just more personal…

    Anyways, this fight was so far the biggest, most dramatic thing I have seen ever, and I honestly feel it hits the themes of Monsters right at the core. These kids are not normal, will never be normal. They have access to something that, odds are, has no qualms against killing. This will hit the kids at the core, dealing with their own morality.

    Honestly, one thing said in the closing comments really hits my opinion of George. “I thought of George and Condor as the good guys to Odyn’s bad guy.” George, so far, has been one of my favorite characters in this campaign. (most likely because I can easily see myself playing a character like him) George may have been stupid, violent, and rash at times, but I felt he felt like that because he was simply trying to protect his friends. I won’t deny the stupidity of some of his decisions, but he was doing those things because he felt those he cared about were in danger.

    Even in the fight, I was siding with George. Even though I could Empathize with Butch, didn’t change the fact that Butch was crazy and George was just defending his friends. What really hit me was that line about wanting it all to burn. George went from being the slightly irrational hero, to kid that honestly needs help. I can’t wait to keep listening to this series and see how these characters develop even more.

  4. What the fuck?! You guys just stopped recording at the good part?!

    1. Okay, I’m seriously concerned about either this recording or my computer. When I was listening, it literally cut out at the part where George was reading Emma’s file. I came back after starting session 20, knowing something was wrong, and I still can’t…. O_O


  5. Holy cr@p… That was epic…

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