LeJeune’s Home for Displaced Umbra – Mesik’s Day Off

On the Isle of Night, far from human society, live the Umbra – a dark skinned, horned, tribal but civilized race. Our protagonists are young orphaned Umbra, living in the care of an orphanage.

The orphanage, (like its real-world parallel, Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home) is run down, and packed full of Umbra orphans, ready to get up to shenanigans and investigate mysteries.

This is the Drunk and Ugly’s first live game! As such, it is just a little bit silly. We hope you enjoy.

The great and wonderful mic check song


  • Chris – Postit, a shield bearing risk-taker
  • Manda – Nanette, a scared cleptomaniac wanting to fit in
  • Matt – Mesik, the fisherman’s son with the troubled past


  1. No kittens were harmed during the recording of this game, though he did at one point get on top of my liquor cabinet. Somehow. I still for the life of me cannot explain how.

  2. It was alot of fun to hear all the sidechatter. And I found it quite funny to listen to the combination of low scale, down to earth with the normalish people and the classic fantasy with more of an adventure dungeon and mystey.

  3. Love how Mesik just loots the bodies.

    1. Author

      They had neat stuff that he liked

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