Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 18 – Mall Rats

Operation Group Hug was a resounding success (except for August, he doesn’t count). The kids are moving into their temporary rooms, with emotions ranging from trepidation to annoyance.

Emma is moving into the Rumourmongers’ room, and August secures their good behavior with the promise of a triple date with Donna, Daisy and Julie.

There’s also a new attendant in the halfway home, and he’s up for taking the kids out to the mall. Hijinks, of course, ensue.



  1. Oh behalf of the internet. Hello Kevin!
    Having listened to this 3 times now, I have to say that I really enjoyed this one. The trip to the mall was fun chaos time and at the same time at the house there was strangeness. It will be very interesting to hear what is up with Butch. I have gotten a fairly good image of how the house looks by now in my mind and I can even imagine my own character in the place and what she would be up to.
    Claes Svensson

    1. Author

      We actually have a map of the house on the Wiki. We had to come up with an official layout at some point because it was apparent that all of us had different ideas of what it was. This hasn’t been updated since about session 6, but aside from one or two things, the house hasn’t changed much.

      1. I have seen that map. In fact I found it very interesting. But this I was refering to was more of an image with color and textures. Kind of a mental 3d map. I am sure everyone has one of those and that they all differ widely. But I guess the relative placement of things compared to eachother is of bigger importance then the exact color of the walls and such.
        Keep up the gaming and I am looking forward to the Mondays/Tuesdays when I have a new episode to listen to. I usually manage at least a couple of listens between each time.
        Take care
        Claes Svensson

  2. Was I mistaken, or was that a Psych reference?
    And GOOD GOD. August is the sexiest person I’ve ever heard of. If only this guy were real…

    1. Author

      I’m actually not sure. This is an older session and I’ve only watched like 2 episodes of Psych.

  3. Stop listening to this? NEVER! But seriously, I really like that you do the tidbits at the end, because it feels quite interesting to get insight about the different perspectives of the characters, as well as the people playing out the different instances and scenarios. I usually end up wondering about those kinds of things when it comes to stuff I tune in to on the internet, so it’s kinda nice to actually hear some post-session conversation. Thanks for taking the time to make all of these podcasts, it’s been fun listening to them.
    *Side note* The “King of Troy” Challenge sounds like something I’d actually try to do. Are challengers allowed to split apart the sandwich? Because if that’s the case,I could imagine Manny finishing that off in under three minutes…

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