Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 15 – Ghost Stories

The love triangle is heating up. George has gotten wind of Emma and Scott’s date, and is on the warpath, trying to figure out how to win over the girl of his dreams.

Emma gets a mysterious note attached to the scalpel she found at the Movie Theater last session. It is addressed to “O” from “Slash.”

That night, the kids hear strange sounds on the roof. After an encounter with a strange young Asian girl on the rooftop, they’re led on a strange adventure to plunge the depths of the mystery below Frieda’s.

Don’t listen to this one in the dark.

Side chatter and other fun stuff



  1. That was a nice session. I really enjoyed the escalation in the love triangle..or will it become a square! Nele was hilarious with the awkwarness as usual. August´s spiderthing will be interesting to hear more about as well as the roaring thing below the house.
    Thanks again for the show.

    1. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard listening to one of your games yet. The talking spiders absolutely killed me. I actually had to stop listening at the library because I was laughing so hard I got a complaint. I love the direction you guys keep taking the story lines. They keep getting darker and darker but there is always room to lampoon and parody it to make it funny/silly. Keep of the great work.

      1. Author

        The inherent neutrality of the characters in Mrs Frieda’s makes it very easy to have very dramatically dynamic games. In answer to the darkness of the games, I’m just going to attribute that to Nate.

  2. A demon.
    Manny’s family/plot points for Devil-Kid?
    Also, I HATE WEEKEND CLIFFHANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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