SAFE – Hell is Other People (Part 2)

Things are falling apart at the seams in Crescent Hill, Pennsylvania. Gang or ghost, something is responsible for this chaos. After their horrible encounter in Room 6, Newman and Crawford are beginning the investigation in earnest.

What lies in store for them?  The answers are rooted in events hundreds of years ago, and are more awful than they could ever imagine.


  • Charlie – Officer Lewis Newman.  30s with a handlebar mustache.  Always wears shades in the day.  Crew cut with premature grey.  High Cheek Bones
  • Kevin – Marcus Crawford.  Mechanic and patrolman.



  1. I love how you managed to incorporate “OPERATE HEAVY MACHINERY” to defeat the BIG BAD, though not in Call of Cthulhu but still. Epically Awesome. Where can I find the rules for this system?

    1. Author

      This is a system that Alex made up. It has few enough rules I can explain them here:

      Stats are divided into Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. They start at 1d6-1. You also get a couple of write-in +2 skills and a couple write-in +4 skills. Resolution mechanic is d20 + stat + skill vs a DC of whatever the gm feels like at the time or the roll of whoever is being opposed. I think you also get two re-roll points (which are sometimes called Fate or Luck points) and those restore whenever the GM feels like giving them out.

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