Charles Boutin is a traitor to Firewall. Known to the organization as PROX-E Klein, he has left Firewall for reasons unknown. He has TITAN tech at his disposal, a seemingly endless set of resources, and motivations that stretch into the dark.

And it’s the Sentinel’s team to follow him there. Burned by their organization out of necessity, the Firewall agents must track down Boutin on their own, with whatever allies they choose to make.

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The team, set on tracking down Charles Boutin, began their investigation on Mitre. Sam Franklin discovered that his reporter friend Solemn Zahn was altered by her contact with Charles Boutin, having lost her specific memories of the man.

Now, armed with more information about their enemy than they’ve possessed at all during the investigation, the Sentinel team is tracing down Boutin’s private expense account activity, hoping to uncover his true purpose before it is too late.

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The Sentinels have gained a valuable lead on Charles Boutin, the mysterious sponsor of the Red Devil terrorists and the father of a terrifying brand of exsurgents.

Firewall has tracked his last location to the station of Mitre, in Luna orbit. PROX-E KING has tasked the Sentinel team with farcasting to Luna and tracking down Boutin.

There, the web of conspiracy will unfold and the Sentinels will be plunged into thorough and complete danger.

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The Sentinels walked into hell, and survived. Firewall, desperate to know how they’d done it, forcefully debriefed them.

Now, two weeks have passed since the assault on the Red Devils. Mars, having avoided the fires of revolution and destruction, has settled back into its status quo. It’s up to the Sentinels to track down Boutin, find out what he’s planning, and erase him.

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At the end of Act One, the PROX-E KING’s Sentinels walked into hell and survived. They stormed the Red Devil compound, fought off revolutionaries and horrific nightmare creatures, and bested Akinye.

Now, Firewall would really appreciate a thorough debriefing.

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