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Edge of the Empire – Fate Ascendant Episode 20


Taris has fallen. The Fate Ascendant is ready to leave. The exodus must begin soon.

But when your quarry goes to ground, you must leave no ground to go to. And the Mandalorians are as ruthless as ever – and their blockade is strangling Taris ever tighter…

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Happiest Waste on Earth Ep 4: Absolute Risk


The morally ambiguous shenanigans have come to a grey conclusion, and the Wastelanders have set their sights on a former CDC facility in the burned out remnants of Georgia. Having hopped aboard a military convoy heading north, the adventurers are thrown into the midst of a deadly conflict. They will have to navigate the murky political waters with guile, skill, and pure insanity…

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Complete Bull$#!@ – Jailbreak

> Be in jail.
> Attempt to escape.
> Avoid complete and utter bull$#!@.
> Fail to avoid complete and utter bull$#!@.

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Edge of the Empire – Fate Ascendant Episode 14


The Myrishi family is in business with the Mandalorians on Taris. Silus is out for revenge, the Bacta family have access to a spaceship, and a lot of money.

Naturally, it’s the perfect time for a heist.
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Ashton City Heroes Ep 31 – All Fall Down



The architect of the bounty on the Ashton Liberator’s heads has been found. They finally know the name of their enemy: John Greystone Jr.

Yet before they can act, the heroes are called into action to save Spades from the nefarious Tattooed Man!

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