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Monster Hearts – The Harvester Episode 4

Blood soaked secrets, deadly rivalries, and killer sex: all in a day’s work for our monstrous teen heroes.

Can they find out the cult’s goals and stop the dreaded Harvester? Or will their own intrigue drag them into puberty hell?

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Leverage – The Legal Job (Part 1)

Con artists, theives, hackers; sometimes, when you need something done correctly, you need a criminal. A county judge in the pocket of the mob; corrupt police, thieving bureaucrats. To solve certain problems, you need to step outside of the law…

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Monster Hearts – The Harvester Episode 3

The streets and the stadium and the onlookers at the pep rally all run red with blood. Horrific urges rise up in our young protagonists, and they, like all dumb teens, hardly try to fight them at all.

Can the young bearers of ancient evil put a stop to the cult’s machinations? Or will they get hopelessly lost among their own schemes?

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Capes, Cowls, and Villains Foul – Lanterns Forever

New Chartersville is a pleasant town. People find themselves there, and find themselves happy. A quieter midwest town couldn’t be found.

Ignore the meteor that crashed in the hills recently. Ignore the out-of-season, wildly out-of-place aurora borealis in the sky. Ignore the stirrings of concern.

New Chartersville is a quiet town. A nice town.

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Happiest Waste on Earth Ep 17 – Dinner and Tourney


The Kismet protectors successfully fulfilled Merlin’s quest inside Lance-O’s mind and are off to King Arthur’s seat of power, secret code in hand. Their path will be beset by rogues and villains deep in the swamp.
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