Monster Hearts – The Harvester Episode 3

The streets and the stadium and the onlookers at the pep rally all run red with blood. Horrific urges rise up in our young protagonists, and they, like all dumb teens, hardly try to fight them at all.

Can the young bearers of ancient evil put a stop to the cult’s machinations? Or will they get hopelessly lost among their own schemes?

Side Chatter


  • Max – Holly: A popular girl who’s going through some life changes. Who knew blood was so hard to get?
  • Zach – Romaine: The only daughter of an established town family, trying to pick through the fragmented pieces of her former life.
  • Travis – Rix: An unstoppable, relentless force of nature. He just wants to have fun, though many would disagree on his definition of it.
  • Hannah – Hrothgar: A painfully normal, crushingly mundane guy. Just trying to be a normal teenager in a town where that’s becoming increasingly difficult.
  • Manda – Wren: The new girl in town. Everyone knows she’s something of a snoop, but no one’s pieced together that she lashes out at those who displease her with magic.
  • Nate – Marcus: He knows his town’s dark secret – it’s what got his family murdered. Though apparently, for him, it didn’t stick – thanks to timely intervention from a new friend.


  1. Fuckin’… Beautiful.

      1. The creepy new girl in town is suddenly the most popular.
        “He hurt you because he hears voices.”
        Every goddamn thing Rix said in this session.
        “Can I Gaze Into the Abyss as I die?”
        Hannah’s descriptions of Hrothgar’s facial expression.
        Romaine’s Force-Choke high.
        “Promise him something you think he wants” = “Do you want a jacket?”
        This gut feeling that Kyle Morton is going to be EVEN MORE important and helpful.
        And everything else, but those were the highlights.

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