Capes, Cowls, and Villains Foul – Lanterns Forever

New Chartersville is a pleasant town. People find themselves there, and find themselves happy. A quieter midwest town couldn’t be found.

Ignore the meteor that crashed in the hills recently. Ignore the out-of-season, wildly out-of-place aurora borealis in the sky. Ignore the stirrings of concern.

New Chartersville is a quiet town. A nice town.

For now.


  • Manda – Sydney “Caustic” Terkins: Older twenties dumb punk kid who wears a lock on a chain.  Just some random dude.
  • Max – Vis Cris: Alarge amorphous blob of glowing green jelly that emits radiation, can imitate anything it has seen.  Has taken the form of a young teenage girl.
  • Zach – Elhaim Tsukimono. Freshman in college intending to go to med school, works part time at grandpa’s dojo.
  • Charlie – Lectrise “Electra” Sophaco.  A winged humanoid alien with a weird voicebox modulator thing to talk and has lost her parents a long time back


  1. was hoping for more weird and whacky uses of the construct powers in this one, but suppose the lanterns have their fucked up space setting to better enable that. I’d be onboard for seeing them return a bit more experienced on a bigger scale threat, which might have come if things went as planned in the ending notes

    also until the last second, I thought the bad guy was making a new kind of ring that were “blank” and triggered whenever the user did one thing or another (like die or go berserk)

    and did Cris use her lantern powers at all, since she was already a shapeshifter and not terribly aggressive?

  2. Dammit Zach, you with your Tsukimonos and their crossing of universes.

    1. You can’t escape them. You’ll never escape them.

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