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Monster Hearts: The Harvester – Episode 1

The town of Pottsville, New Hampshire. A Catholic island in a Protestant ocean; when founded, it used to receive the scorn of its neighbors. Recently, more unsettling reasons to distrust the Pottsville founders have arisen.

The town’s annual apple harvest festival starts in two days, bringing with it the only injection of tourists Pottsville ever sees. Dark forces gather power in these days and monsters walk among the citizens with secrets of their own. Most of them involve high school and romance. Some are more sinister…
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Little Fears – Camp Quartz Lake


Camp Quartz Lake is home to some weird and quirky folks. The kids who come here for their camp experience are sure to get an odd one.

It’s halfway through the first session, and things are getting spooky as all get out.

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Edge of the Empire – Fate Ascendant Episode 4


The showdown with the Mandalorians ends in a fiery crashlanding, and our heroes must survive a suddenly hostile environment with few resources. And somewhere, their arrival has awakened something very old and very evil.

May the 4th be with you!

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Trail of C’thulhu – The Wives of March (Part 3)


Patricia Callary and Demetrius Briggs went into the belly of the beast and there learned some disturbing truths about the March family. But the worst is beyond their imagining, and is bearing down on all three investigators.

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Trail of C’thulhu – The Wives of March (Part 2)


Something is very wrong with the March family, and their dreadful secrets are coming to light. While Patricia Callary and Demetrius Briggs waltz into the den of the beast, Ken Shelby discovers a horrific scene.

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