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Red Markets at Gen Con 2018

The military controlled enclave is home to the First Bank of the Loss, started as an effort for small-time loan sharks to cut their leg breaking overhead. Lenders from Trabajo, Cheyenne, and Middle Distance created a network of standards and shared biometric-based background checks to cut down on fleeing borrowers. The Bank continues to grow, including into some slave-economy enclaves where delinquent borrowers can work off their debt. Recently, the bank has shifted focus towards improving their day-to-day operating standards, and need a Taker crew to retrieve a laminating machine from an abandoned DMV office.  The Telluride Funeral Services company has been called to retrieve that printer.  Just another day at the office.

CONTENT WARNING: Violence against children.

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Deadlands – Fallen Flags Episode 6

Agency Internal Dossier
Verification Code 5-4-5-14
Subject: Dr. Thomas Huntington, PhD (Theoretical Physics, Military Engineering from École Impériale des Arts et Manufactures)
Author: “Tom Bondsley”, Field Agent

Dr. Thomas Huntington is a peculiarly normal man. Every Agency standard says that a man of his education, especially in an epicenter of advanced research, should show dangerous eccentricities, unstable nature, or at least occupational obsession. But Huntington goes to town, has coffee and plays chess, buys a few parts at the store beneath a bit of charming small talk, and goes home for a quiet night of work. He’s [Several illegible, scrawled out words follow] functional. The only oddity outside of his work is that none of his friends know where he lives. To ensure everything was secure and contained, a stealth team followed him home to find him drinking tea above his schematics and listening to classical records. Dull, harmless, the perfect investigation subject to clear off the list, if not for the fact that his current project is listed as “Trans-Dimensional Displacement Device”. By name alone, can’t let this project go untracked. Regardless, have ordered investigation teams to reduce checkup frequency to once per week. It is my opinion that a man such as Huntington can’t get into too much trouble in that length of time.

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Deadlands – Fallen Flags Episode 5

Dear Diary, our train has finally come to a stop behind the twisted, torn out shell of the last train that went through. The warped rails rattled me to my bones, so I was looking forward to having a short walk on Terra Firma, but the train was apathetically beset by men and women in black dusters before we got the chance. Seizing the opportunity, I managed to extract a good deal of information from one of the greener looking ones. Apparently, the team that supports my quarry, having ingratiated themselves with the local law enforcement, were taken by █████ ██████ to a place called ███ ██████. There, the group known as ███ ██████ asked them to contain a rather powerful ████████, as they’re called. It’s my understanding that ████, one of the group I follow, had no choice but to reluctantly accept. With any luck, they’ll fall, and the gun will be a few reams of paperwork away from my possession. I’ll simply have to wait around and see if they manage to ██████ ███ ████ ██████ ██ ████████. My next entry will be on the page following, however. The dark-dustered fellow I was speaking to has asked to see my diary for a moment, and I prefer to write my entries in full, with no interruptions.

-Recovered from a hastily redacted page in the diary of an unnamed debt collector, written mid-August, 1877

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Dungeons and Dragons – Curse of Innistrahd Episode 31

Bone dust, bone dust… The Church folks wanted bone dusts. The vile siblings stirred in their home, the scent of sickly sweet pastries and dried fungus melding in their breaths. Whispers amongst them, some wordless, some stated to express the feeling. Bone dust he wants. The church folks step back at the word of the witch boy, but sit idly by at the works of their magics. The black mana, seeping from the swamps and fetid places of the valleys, the fallen cities and graves. More scoffs. More shuffling. But then the question comes: Would we avoid such magic?

The crones had persisted. They were practically features of the land, though not all visited their decrepit home for fear and rumor, let alone the avoidant signs of life on the inside. Peddling pastries made from questionable things, things the consumers wouldn’t want to know fueling their dreams and peace. But what was persisting in the face of change. What was existing against the path of magic.

Morgantha, oldest, grown brazen in her fell confidence leaves first. Her sisters follow after, packing their goods and ingredients with low grumble. There would be no home to return to in the face of these slayers. They want to argue, to trap, to plot. But Morgantha is not one to lose an argument. They know her answer as it echoes painfully through their shriveled minds:

“The stirrings of the dead and the rise of hungry magic are the change in this land. And that change will bear us to greater heights. Be patient sisters. And for now: Serve.”

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Deadlands – Fallen Flags Episode 4

Dear Diary, bad news and worse news. Bad news, my train is scheduled to be delayed, to ensure the -previous- train’s recent combat didn’t leave wreckage on the tracks to destroy the -current- train. Even worse, there’s no sign of the deceased near the wreckage, save a few previously rotting fellows, so either my quest maintains the status quo ante, or my quarry is halfway down the windpipe of a Rattler. I shudder to think of the amount of money it will take to bribe someone in there to check. On the bright side though, I should be on my way to catching up. The team I follow seems like a team of do-gooders, and from what I hear, Denver and officers of the law make for lousy bedfellows for more than the usual reasons…

-Recovered from a page of shaky penmanship in the diary of an unnamed debt collector, written mid-August, 1877

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