Red Markets at Gen Con 2018

The military controlled enclave is home to the First Bank of the Loss, started as an effort for small-time loan sharks to cut their leg breaking overhead. Lenders from Trabajo, Cheyenne, and Middle Distance created a network of standards and shared biometric-based background checks to cut down on fleeing borrowers. The Bank continues to grow, including into some slave-economy enclaves where delinquent borrowers can work off their debt. Recently, the bank has shifted focus towards improving their day-to-day operating standards, and need a Taker crew to retrieve a laminating machine from an abandoned DMV office.  The Telluride Funeral Services company has been called to retrieve that printer.  Just another day at the office.

CONTENT WARNING: Violence against children.


  • Kyle – Technician. Zombie wrangler and former fenceman for Telluride.
  • Eric – Director.  Jack of All Trades and leader of Telluride Funeral Services
  • Joe – Embalmer.  Combat medic and general logistician.
  • Dave – Attendant.  Forward scout.  Immune.
  • Scott – Mortician.  Melee specialist and zombie fighter/distractor.  Latent.

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