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Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 39 – Birds are Jerks

The fight in the forest rages on. The bird-man and its army of, well, birds, is still threatening the wood sprites. The Spirit of the Forest is still missing. A strange altar has been discovered. And while a tentative truce has been brought up between all of the kids to overcome raging teenage emotions, tensions are still running high.

Can the Frieda’s kids stop the bird threat and rescue the Spirit of the Forest before the sorcerer cult discovers them?

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Shin Megami Tensei and Other Childish Things Session 1

Welcome, listeners, to the small Wisconsin town of Athens, WI, where dark things are stirring. The barrier between our world and whatever is on the other side has weakened.

Three of the students at St. Christopher’s Catholic School have been missing from school for several days. Upon investigation by our intrepid heroes, the missing students turn out to be under care at the local hospital’s coma ward.

It doesn’t take long for Linda, Tony, Aiden, and Diane to poke their noses into trouble hard enough that trouble pokes back.

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Mrs. Frieda’s Session 38 – One-Man Two-Man Band

Having discovered the first clue to the mystery of Spring Crescent, and rapidly retreating, the gang devises a plan to investigate further: they’ll get un-grounded, and go BACK TO SCHOOL.

Naturally, there are a few objections. But they are silenced by the prospect of the annual Spring Crescent Fun Fair, an occasion that promises at least the approximation of Fun and Fairs. Will the kids succeed in their investigation, or will the looming threat of mediocre fun stagnate them all night? Continue reading »

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Legend of the Five Rings – Journey to The West Session 3

The Monkey King is surrounded by what could possibly be hundreds of enemies with swords drawn. His first method of defense? To punch the cave wall he’s trapped next to and bring down a rain of stalactites upon his enemies.

He succeeds in hurting his hand.

The beginning of the journey continues! Will our intrepid and mostly crazy heroes survive the deadly confrontation and regain their road west? Or will they be struck down before their time?

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Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 33 – Substance Abuse

Continuing with the longest Sunday ever, Manny’s got tickets to ride. Five tickets, to be specific, to ride a bus to the backstage of the craziest concert ever.

Infernal Banshee’s in town, and they’re about to rock Troy’s face off. Unfortunately, they’re missing their lead guitarist/front man/Duke of Too-Cool-For-School: Uncle V.

Can the kids get the show to go on, or will the Power of ROCK fail?

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