Mrs. Frieda’s Session 8 – Here Come the Men in Black

Alt Title: “Spider Queen and the Quest for a Better Watch”

It’s been a few days since that fateful night and things are still busy falling apart. The police investigation unearthed Jingles from the basement and drew out Ty Soren from his room. The pool of blood triggered some deep instincts inside of Manny and sent him into a rage.

Emma’s turned into a distressed dame and has been using Scott to console herself. George has been trying to put together an alliance against the resident Eldritch Horror.

The police investigation hasn’t found anything, and now there are new sheriffs in town. They’re dressed in black suits and black shades and have an unnerving interest in “special” kids.

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Road Trip Session 6 – Sucrose Park (Part 2)

Max and Charlie awaken in a barren concrete room and are greeted by a robotic nurse which goes by the name of Ratchet.  She answers their questions (and ignores their attempts at wit), and informs them they will be given a new life of perfect happiness.  After an extremely brief survey, she gives Charlie a cowboy costume and Max a ninja costume, and proceeds to take them to their new home.

On the surface, Daniel hauls around the drugged and semi-unconscious body of Everett while running from park security and looking for an exit.  In a desperate attempt to escape, he breaks into one of the attractions and barricades himself.  What he doesn’t realize, though, is that Coolrat is watching and waiting. . .

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Poketopia! – The Gainsboro City Riots

Catman has been arrested for gross amounts of property damage to Gainsboro city roads and infrastructure.  The police were, however, willing to cut him a break if he could bring Brad Garrison, a local troublemaker and gang leader, back to the station.  Catman and the team joined together and (unfortunately) were defeated utterly by Brad’s overwhelming Pokemon force.

In the chaos following the battle, Catman run away and rode Rollcage (his Onix) into the Gainsboro City sewers, causing even more property damage than he was originally.  Not only is he riding the Onix in a space that is considerably smaller than it, but Rollcage is racing through the sewer system at its top speed of 50 mph.  The resulting force has buckled the storm drains and basically quarry-blasted the roads under which Catman has travelled.  All emergency units are currently engaged in rescuing people from the damage and quelling panic/riots.

In the midst of these happenings, Elliana Lilane, a high-ranking Pokemon trainer has just entered the city, hoping to challenge the Chuen elite and claim her title as Pokemon Master.  What she did not expect, though, was deja-vu from her experience here 4 years ago.  In similar but unrelated fashions, Naartok, an Eskimo from northern Poke-world seeking the parents of her lost lover, and Katsuro Moriko, some kind of secret agent, have arrived in Gainsboro for their own reasons.  It appears they will need to put those thoughts on hold until the riots are quelled, though.

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Road Trip Session 5 – Sucrose Park (Part 1)

Following the grace of Daniel saving BattleTonia from certain Battlemageddon, the kids awaken in the convention hall with some very confused and excited Japanese BattlePet players.  They manage to escape in the confusion and continue on their way to Sucrose Park, making a late-night stop at a small town hotel.  Following much hijinks (and attempted monster cannibalism?), the kids get to Sucrose Park the next day.

The kids enter into the park looking for lost kids and secret underground robot factories, but mainly looking for fair food and park rides.  It’s not long before they run into the park’s main mascot, Coolrat.  He’s bright, cheerful, able to skateboard and juggle simultaneously, and always willing to throw candy to kids.  In fact, he seems a little eerily into our heroes. . .

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Mrs. Frieda’s Session 7 – Wherein Mrs. Frieda is Called ‘Fat’

The kids at Mrs. Frieda’s can’t seem to do anything right. Plans go awry, monsters get called out, buildings get scaled, and now the cops are all over the building. Then, they had a dream featuring the one and only Elder Dane. Simply put, things got real.

The kids are awakened in the middle of the night by police officers. The investigation has begun. As they’ll quickly discover, there are several things hidden in the Halfway Home that do not want to be found.

Friendships are broken and others solidified and new ones discovered as the kids scramble to make plans to deal with the sudden threat of Odyn.

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