Little Fears – LaFey National Park (Part 2)

The campers had a run in with some weird kids last night.  Were they children?  They looked like children.  In any case, the scheduled hiking trip today turned up a weird little site in the middle of the campgrounds.  When one of the campers stayed there too long, she felt like she was being watched.  What’s going on here?


  • Sam – Molly Weits.  Nerdy little girl with some artistic talents.  Also has some latent psychic abilities?
  • Alex – Nikolas Labeigh.  Withdrawn but kinda snarky.
  • Kevin – Peter Cambren.  The self-proclaimed anti-bully, who runs around and punches on bullies himself.  Fan of cherry bombs and general mayhem.
  • Matt – Jimmy Balmer.  Big redneck kid who’s a fan of firearms, swearing, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



  1. That was awesome, the setting and the ghosts reminded me a lot of Alan Wake especially when played on the hardest difficulty (you just run away from everything or you die very fast). I can’t wait to hear this setting for Mrs. Frieda’s.

    By the way, after listening to Road Trip and Mrs. Frieda’s I’m trying to start a game of Monsters here at my college, do y’all have an tips for first time player/GM? No one in my circle of friends play Tabletop RPGs and I’m having a lot of trouble finding any games to join around campus. After I explain what MaoCT is and ask people if they would want to play I usually get a disgusted look followed by an immediate no.

    Keep the podcasts coming they are the phenomenal.

    1. Author

      Thanks for commenting! I’m sure Nate would be thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the game so much. Camp LaFey shows up in Mrs Frieda’s in 3 or 4 sessions, and has a much different vibe. There are plans to run one or two more games in different systems in LaFey National Park somewhere in the future. There will also be another Little Fears game posted sometime in August.

      As for running MaOCT for the first time, it’s kind of a bear to write for if you don’t know what your group is into. I can safely say that I would never have run the system if it weren’t for Ross Payton’s Road Trip (and I wouldn’t have known about MaOCT if it weren’t for RPPR). Monsters is kind of a weird setting to play in, and Road Trip really simplifies things a lot by basically turning it into a very silly and fun D&D campaign. It doesn’t have all the RP potential of other settings (because of the inherent silliness), but it does give people a chance to play around with the system and meet a lot of very interesting characters along the way.

      As for finding a group, I’m just going to steal of RPPR here and suggest that the best course of action would be to try to get your friends into tabletop gaming. MaOCT is a fairly good system to do it in, given its very rules-lite nature and levels of lightheartedness in the storytelling.

      As for selling the system in general, I can’t help you a lot in that as I’m not sure why people are turning it down. I can see a number of ways that people could be put off by the game, but there’s a lot of fun to be had because of those things. The main thing I’m guessing is that it’s to the idea of roleplaying children (and the creepiness/lack of awesomeness therein), maybe make some comparisons to “The Goonies,” “Calvin and Hobbes,” and numerous other now-out-of-print nostalgia funtimes which feature children involved in high adventure in very non-creepy ways. Then let them know that they get to also have a best friend who is an indescribable horror from beyond time and space. Also maybe point them to our APs (end not-so-subtle plug).

      In fact, the easiest tagline to describe the system is “Calvin and Hobbes meets Call of Cthulu.”

      Thanks for listening! I hope you continue to enjoy the show and comment on future episodes. We appreciate any and all input from our audience.

  2. Been listening to your Little Fears sessions ofver the course of several weeks and enjoyed them all, this was doubly so, I like this type of scenario. My question is who are you referencing when you mention Eastwood? Like Clint Eastwood? or someone else that I cant locate online? lol

    1. Author

      Eastwood is mentioned in Road Trip, somewhere around session 5 or 6, I think.

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