Dark Heresy Episode 6 – Desolation of the Dead (Part 3)

Fresh from a Xenos artifact find and an encounter with a heretic who had been raising the dead, the Inquisitors head to the cult safehouse and find that the mysterious illness and this heretical cult may have more in common than they thought.

Side Chatter


  1. Are there any options to use the Icon and the super duper alien computer that doesn’t involve chaos? I recall when you guys talked about the adventure path on Novabella you had branching options on what could be going on either being a Nurgle thing or just rouge psykers doing their thing.

  2. No, unfortunately. No canned adventure for 40k before or since has taken the modular approach.

    That being said, I already tinkered a solid amount in this one, and if a non-warp-interactive “quest item” was wanted, I could see replacing the “magic” and xenos with Dark Age of Technology repair-nanites and ancient humans.

  3. Ah, that’s a bit of shame – it felt like a nice idea for keeping those kinds of games a bit fresher.

    Still, really enjoyed listening to these games. Dark Heresy’s always been a tricky one to pitch right without going total grimdark and bumming the players out, but you all seem to be doing pretty great at the moment.

    Then again…*evil cackle*

  4. Whoo! Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of the Flesh! Watched Spoony play that and Ripper years ago, and man did I love it, so glad I wasn’t alone.

    “Wait are we talking about Conan? Phantasmagoria? or Hellraiser?”
    “All of them!”

    Good session guys. Remember Josh, the road to Chaos is paved with good intentions. XD

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