Dark Heresy Episode 6 – Desolation of the Dead (Part 3)

Fresh from a Xenos artifact find and an encounter with a heretic who had been raising the dead, the Inquisitors head to the cult safehouse and find that the mysterious illness and this heretical cult may have more in common than they thought.

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Dark Heresy Episode 7 – Awakening Darkness (Part 1)

The Inquisitors have been held in a month-long quarantine after their last mission led them into a Chaos Ritual.  Upon their emergence and rigorous interrogation, they have been informed that their new assignment is on Assuar to investigate the death of a fellow inquisitor.

Their only lead, a video sent from the inquisitor as he died asking “Do they know what will happen when he gets out?”

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Dark Heresy Finale – Awakening Darkness (Part 2)

The inquisition and investigation of the inquisitor is underway.  After encountering the Sororitas in the Library, the inquisitors learn that the saint in the catacombs was actually possessed by a demon and is being contained, not stored. An exorcism is in order.  Can the Inquisition cleanse this unholy realm?

Side Chatter

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