Imagine, if you will, that the industrial revolution occured decades before the apocalypse, only to be picked back up a century later amongst the pieces of a broken world. Sordid Dystopia is a post-industrialist and vaguely post-apocalyptic game set in a low-fantasy world, where the public, concerned mostly about their social and economic livelihood, are blissfully ignorant to the inhuman eyes that watch from their shadows. Written by Nathan Knapp, Sordid Dystopia is the flagship game for the TOPIA engine.

Sordid Dystopia – Reflecting the Soul (Part 2)

The mission to steal the Book of Reflection is rolling along as smoothly as a train with no wheels and no track. The mercenaries, minus Omran, who managed to get himself trapped in the wheels of local crime, are dealing with elements inside the church.

They aim to pry open a way to the true Book of Reflection by playing the church against itself.

Can the mercenaries overcome the forces working against them from without and within to complete their mission?

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Sordid Dystopia – Uncouth Rapscallions

The mercenaries are back in business. Unfortunately, they have no idea what business that might be.  Until they’re plunged directly into it and told to swim.

Will they be uncouth enough rapscallions to rescue the syndicate leader’s girl?

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Sordid Dystopia – The Ghosts of Opera

The rag-tag mercenary team (amazingly) gets a new contract. Something needs investigating on Prominence Street, along the entertainment district. Several ‘disappearences’ have occurred in the area, and their client  wishes to know who’s responsible.

Foul play is more than suspected.  Can the mercenaries uncover the kidnapper?

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Sordid Dystopia – Heavy is the Head Which Controls the Battle

Rough and tumble members of the Vontais Explorer’s Guild are on their way to an outpost of the Polin Trading Company, seeking work and the latest news. The outpost is located in the center of a swamp, and the land is as foreboding as it is desolate.

From here, they are asked to track down a missing caravan. Their journey will take them deep into the heart of danger.


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Supernaturals Session 1 – The Fallen


The trade caravans that cross the known nations are a haven for the lost, the dispossessed, and the freaks. For four outlanders, the caravans are the closest thing to home they have.

But the hard life of a traveler is not in the cards for these outlanders. They are touched by destiny, granted power beyond that of mortal men. How will they shape their lives with this power? Will it be used to build? Or rend the world asunder?

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