United We Stand Session 1 – Strike the Earth

Located in the center of a great river that flows from the mountains of New Xexoria is the small mining village of Grikafa.  Almost every person who lives here is in debt to the Algeaz Mineral Company, who owns the entire town.  Cautious of racking up more debt and thankfully devoid of crime, the workers of Grikafa are more than willing to share their resources with one another.  This necessity for dependency on others has strengthened trust within the community.

However, mining is dangerous and risky work.  Accidents happen,but work needs to continue.  One morning, after an particularly devastating cave-in, the company held a lottery to draft several townsfolk into the labor force.  Among the chosen were the kindly village sheriff, the misanthropic village doctor, and the rebellious teenage daughter of the local general store. These three unlikely heroes will stumble upon a buried secret which will change the fate of the village, as well as their own lives, forever.

Cowboys and Aliens Talk


  • Matt – Julie Lagacé.  The sole doctor in town.  Originally from Vontier.  Due to constant overwork and a generally negative sentiment towards immigrants, she is incredibly cold to others.
  • James – Sheriff Alim “Al” Abdul-Musawwir.  A gunsmith turned amiable protector of local law. Knows everyone.
  • Nate – Agnes Johara Mikhail.  A hot-headed miner’s daughter with a bad habit of punching first and asking questions later.


  1. Been meaning to do some “Director’s Commentary ” on this eps. Not much to say about this one. First sessions tend to be the most meh. I kind of had a problem where I had NPCs talking to other NPCs which ended up with me monologuing. Also, kept mixing up Xexoria and Cizok.

  2. It’s true, but it gets better in the next episode or two. United We Stand was a very fun series of games to be in, it just had a rough start is all.

  3. session felt fine to me. the hangover at the speech and badass doctor knifefighting stood out. only heard the first so far, still catching up on the rest, but sure there’ll be more amusement from Sheriff Alim “Al” “One-Liner”

    “There will be a list… that I will make someone write down for me.”

    1. oh, and Charlie yelling like the slave driver from that episode of Clerks…

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