Pug Talk


Today we talk about the most important thing in the world: DOGS! Specifically the pug, that rambunctious, smash faced, canine we all know and love. Tune in tonight for the greatest show on earth. PUG TALK!

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Interview with Ross Payton


Join us as Ross Payton stops in to talk with Travis about RPG Design, Social Contracts, Space Whales, and Rifts! Links to the wide and dazzling array of topics covered are below the cut.

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Drunk Talk – Mad Max: Fury Road

Hello, Internet!

In the wake of Fury Road, we realized there are some artists on the podcast who have a lot to say about style, composition and color and our own Travis Gasque led a discussion with them about the styles and themes in the movie.  Depending on reactions, this may be a recurring segment about other films, video games, and pop culture media.

In other news, The Drunk and the Ugly will be attending Gencon and hosting seminars this year.  If you’re interested in partaking, sign up for “Indie Design the Chicken Salad Way” and “Intro to Skype Gaming: Do’s and Don’ts.”

In addition to Drunk Talk, Sam and Matt have been working on a new segment for the show called “The Drunk and the Spooky,” narrated by Sam, produced by Matt, and written by whoever wants to send us stories!  We’ll be posting the first recording of that soon on our new Youtube Channel and its associated Tumblr, and posting the audio here on The Drunk and the Ugly.  We’ll follow with a new story every month.

Finally, thanks to Memal25, Beardface5000, Anupstart, and Stiefund for reviewing the show on iTunes, thanks to UnitOmega for retweeting our show announcements on Twitter, and thanks to the curator of the F*** Yeah Drunk and Ugly Podcast tumblr for spreading word about the show, archiving fan entries, and creating some original content.  All you guys are super great!

Remember to review the show on iTunes or wherever you get podcasts, and be sure to leave us comments on the site letting us know what you think.

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The Drunk and the Spooky – Snuff


Come with us for a look into the mind of a man accused of unspeakable things. There are always two sides to the story…

We are happy to present the maiden voyage of The Drunk and the Spooky, featuring original fiction. We will be posting the stories here and on our new Youtube channel.

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Gen Con 2015 Wrap-Up – The Drunk and Tired



Matt and Travis recently returned from Gen Con, after running 4 games and 2 panels.  Like last year, we recorded a recap of the events at the end of each day.  We didn’t attend many more events this year than last year, but good times were had all around.


  • Interviewing Adam Scott Glancy and about 20 other people (very few of them on recording)
  • Hanging out at the RPPR After Hours Meetup
  • Playing Base Raiders and playtesting Ruin
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