Little Fears is a game dealing with the monster in the closet, the giant spider under the cellar stairs, and all other fears children have when they are between the ages of 6 and 12. Little Fears has the players take on the role of children and confront the monsters that lurk in the world. These monsters are very powerful and the players are hard pressed to defeat them. The only way to defeat them is by confronting their fears, and from that experience gaining the strength to defeat the monster.

Little Fears Session 1 – The Houses of Apple Court (Part 1)

In the suburbs of Thebes by the sea, a small culdesac is in the throes of the hottest February on record. On the heels of the heat wave comes an awakening, the focus of a dark presence. The Houses of Apple Court, and the children who call it home, are under the eye.

This is the beginning of their adventure. Nightmares lie ahead.

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Little Fears Session 2 – The Houses of Apple Court (Part 2)

The posse of Apple Court is on the trail of a mysterious cat-harassing “green kid,” aided by a young girl who can’t remember her own name. A fog is beginning to settle over the heat-drenched town, framing a sudden fight in the middle of the street.

Tensions are running as high as the temperature, and the only ones holding themselves together are the young kids of Apple Court.

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Little Fears Session 3 – The Long Way Home (Part 1)

In the continuing adventures of the Thebes gang, the kids are settling down into the aftermath of a very strange weekend. Vandals have tagged up all of the Houses of Apple Court, and Grim swears he didn’t do it. Strange holes have appeared in basements. Odd things are accumulating quickly.

On top of that, the Apple Court kids have acquired a new member. Who is she, where did she come from, and what does her arrival portend?

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Little Fears Session 4 – The Long Way Home (Part 2)

Kieren Crosby has been a missing child for 12 years. If this kid is really who he says he is, where has he been? What happened to him?

Joel’s theory, of course, involves aliens.

Discovering the truth is going to be quite a bit more complicated than that. Can the children of Apple Court unravel the strange mystery surrounding this boy?
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Little Fears Session 5 – Polybius (Part 1)

After some time in the hospital, we go from scary times to happy ones.  It’s Grim’s birthday, and all the Apple Court kids are invited!  Party at the local skating  rink.  Skating, cake, and videogames for all.  What could possibly go wrong?

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