Little Fears – Ichor Falls Part 2


The first month of middle school in Ichor Falls, 1986, began calmly, with a trip to the Rand Historical Society Museum. For the local kids, it was just one more inundation of the town’s boring history. For four students, newly moved into the town, it was the beginning of something they will be forever unable to explain.

The students found and read a book of local stories, some of which seemed to possess supernatural powers. The story of The Stitched Man brought forth a nightmare into the bedroom of Thomasine Goode. Some dark, malevolent thing has turned its eyes upon the newcomers, and it wants them for its own.

Can the four friends survive the darkness that Ichor Falls brings to bear?

Ichor Falls is written by Kris Straub, and is absolutely worth checking out.

Side Chatter


  • Manda – Thomasine Goode
  • Matt – Brian Kim
  • Nate – Isa Sa’id
  • Zach – Kendra Polidori


  1. “He’s bad news!”

    “I’m worse news.”

    Badass kid is badass.

  2. Half-expecting them to use the book and the needle to turn the Stitched Man against the Shining One. “The Stitched Man was locked in its house by the girl who stole its needle, but it continued to trouble the dreams of children for a long time after. When it attempted to prey upon four children, it met its match–they found its home and destroyed its body with the only thing that could really hurt it–the strength of their belief. Even that was not enough to put it down forever, but as it waited and licked its wounds, it began, for the first time in many years, to think with a mind unclouded by grief. It was alone, now, and it could not bring its family back. And someone had been using it. Someone old as time–far older than humanity. And when it got its needle back, as it always did, it killed the servants of that old thing, and ventured into the forest to find its master. It would be a pawn no longer. And maybe, once all was said and done, it would be with its family again.”

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