The Firewall team is going undercover, posing as Jared Dirac and his team of anonymous Red Devil terrorists. They have received an itinerary of sorts, and have already completed the first task; a daring raid on a TITAN infested settlement on the outskirts of the Titan Quarantine Zone.

There, they recovered a strand of dangerous nanotech for the terrorists, and almost lost Griswold Stuart to an attack by the site’s fractal guardians. Having survived their brush with horrific death, the Firewall Sentinels are poised to carry out a robbery on the Ashoka 22, a maglev train carrying a hypercorp’s secret cargo.

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Jared Dirac, the traitor to Firewall, has been captured, intact. Four of the Burner Morphs have been captured (two in less than mint condition.) The VTOL, the weaponry, and the gear from the smuggler’s cave have all been captured.

The first step for the Firewall Sentinels will be to parse the information they gathered. Interrogate Dirac, examine the records from the Red Devils, and – carefully – investigate the nanotech, both the secured container and the nanoparticles.

From there, drastic steps will have to be taken to shut down the terrorists, and fast.

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Mars: 10 years after the Fall. A Firewall sentinel has gone missing two weeks into an undercover mission.

Two weeks is not necessarily a red flag for the scanners and vectors until secret Firewall caches across Mars started being very carefully, cautiously, and skillfully raided.

PROX-E KING has been informed and taps several new, untested agents to track down the missing and presumed dead sentinel, reacquire their cortical stack, and stop the OpSec leak.

But Mars runs thick with blood and betrayal. The sentinel team is setting off on a path whose twists and turns they cannot begin to imagine. Mars will show them fear in a handful of dust.

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