Hasbrothers – The Last of the Witwiccans Part 2

Boom, Hasbrothers back again with that epic giant robot battling action you all love.  We continue the hype train down the track with the writing disaster that is Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  This garbled mess of a movie was in many ways objectively worse than the first and yet somehow made more money overall.  Enjoy.


  1. So funny thing about why they just teleport in the movie instead of fly. Is that on production Shia Le Bouf got in a car crash and jacked up his hand. So you notice his hand is bandaged from that part on. It was a hand wave for real life as much as it was for plot sake

    1. Author

      Yeah I ended up reading about that later. Bay really wanted to work it into the story and actually apparently Lebouf’s hand wasn’t injured that bad and recovered during shooting.

  2. unfortunately, this episode had a /lot/ of clipping problems, it was near impossible to follow at points. not sure what that was about, but it was only this one.

    1. Author

      Yeah there was an issue with Truncate Silence. We’re re-editing it.

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