InSpectres – The Ecto Cooler Power Hour

In the bygone year of 2007, paranormal investigations flooded the airwaves of deep cable stations. One such station assembled its own team to set itself apart from the others: A former child star turned spirit medium, a time traveler equipped with high tech ghost hunting and capturing gear, and a twenty-something white guy with no relevant skills or interesting qualities. Together they would spend a full hour in the possible proximity of a ghost while yelling and drinking crisp, refreshing coca-cola.

This is their story.

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Side Chatter


  • Matt – Ryan LeBeau.  Bro and ghost adventurer.  Wants to punch a ghost.
  • Max – Helena Sinclair St. Clair aka “Gloaming Wyoming”.  Former child star.  Not just medium, but great.
  • Kevin – Obsidian Star.  Time Traveler returning to the past to solve an unknown crime involving ghosts.


  1. This is why I love listening to you guys. You’re all so silly and I had people look at me funny because here I am cracking up like a goof ball listening to you while at work

  2. This was a lot of fun to listen to. Laughed so much. Hope you guys do more of this.

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