MaOCT – Playhouse (Part 1)

A group of perfectly normal kids is on a trip to the local theater to see a showing of their newest production.  They discover the performance to be highly engrossing and immersive.  The show comes to life and leaps off the stage, leaving them free to walk on and into it.

Side Chatter


  • Axe – Eric Windholm. Creepy looking kid of 15.  Wears an eyepatch because he threw one eye away for magical powers.
  • Nate – Cameron Cross. 16 years old, Goodwill clothes.  Pretends to be British and learned a bunch of magic as a kid. Definitely not John Wick.
  • Manda – Elijah Grace.  17 year old gangly androgynous kid.  Has a strong sense of justice.
  • Zach – Mary “Hellsdale” Dellsdale. Taciturn young woman who attends a french-style boarding school and wields a terrible demonic sword.  Also is kinda half-demon.
  • Travis – Tommy Cashew. Dirty blond with a big wrench.  He’s totally normal.  Car might be magical.

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  1. Really enjoyed this and looking forward to part 2. The conversation about Mary thinking her dad was a weeaboo was hilarious.

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