deadEarth Character Generation

Back in mid-October when the Cubs and Indians were head-to-head in the World Series, Matt made a bet with Greg Bennett of Technical Difficulties:  If the Indians won, Matt would run a game of deadEarth, and if the Cubs won, then Greg would run deadEarth.  In reading through the books fully expecting the Cubs to lose, Matt also shared the books with the rest of the Drunk and Ugly and they wanted to make characters for the game even if they weren’t used.  So we did it.  This is that.



  1. well I would have been skeptical if you told me it was a hilarious episode where the players read off lists and numbers at me… but damned if I’m not laughing hard

    1. Author

      The easiest way to make fun of deadEarth is to play it

      1. not even play it… just try to play it and then die or cripple yourself in character creation

  2. This is perhaps the most perfectly terrible system I’ve ever seen. What an absolute bumblef*ck.

  3. Seeing as Potence and Celerity were brought up I assume you guys know about Vampire and the other Chronicles. I would love to see you guys to Masqurade or Werewolf the Apocolypse (Or if you’re really fiesty, Fae or Mage)

  4. James: I would love to see fan art of ANY of these guys.
    Me: Challenge accepted.

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